Dog of the Year Awards - 2016

NAHRA Started / AKC Junior / UKC Started

(with 10 qualifications)

SHR Sunfire High Farms Allegretto JH WC CCA


Ginny Worrest

NAHRA Intermediate / AKC Senior / UKC Seasoned

(with 12 qualifications)

HR UH Fieldday Free and Easy JH WCX


Carlee Ogeka

HR UH Knightcastle Sir Isaac Newton SH CGC WCX


Carlee Ogeka

NAHRA Senior / AKC Master / UKC Finished

(with 23 qualifications)

HRCH Miss Brandy Trinity’s Pettaquamscut River Queen MH
HRC 500 Point Club Member
2016 AKC Master National Retriever Club Qualifier


Larry Blasbalg